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Founded by Zach Channing during his time at the University of Arizona, ZDC Properties emerged from a personal quest to find luxurious off-campus housing for himself and his friends. Recognizing the scarcity of large, single-family houses tailored for today's students, Zach decided to take matters into his own hands.

With a vision in mind, Zach swiftly acquired his first property, assembled a team including architects and construction managers, and embarked on building his inaugural student housing unit. The success of this first venture fueled his passion, leading to the creation of many more sought-after student housing properties around the University of Arizona. During these formative years, Zach immersed himself in the industry, learning the intricacies of construction, property management, entitlement processes, and the core principles of being a successful real estate developer.

Zach attributes much of his current success to the guidance and mentorship of accomplished real estate professionals who graciously took him under their wings.

Today, ZDC Properties has expanded beyond its origins and is engaged in projects across multiple states, including Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, and Florida, covering diverse sectors of the real estate industry. Many of these projects have undergone rezoning, obtained variances, and secured tax incentives to maximize their value.

For Zach, real estate development is an art of creativity, assembling the puzzle pieces to craft spaces that tenants cherish and communities take pride in. At ZDC Properties, our passion lies in curating exceptional living experiences and fostering thriving communities.

Zach Channing also serves as the Principal at Channing Corporation, a distinguished real estate development and construction firm based in South Florida. With a legacy spanning over 50 years, Channing Corporation was founded by Zach's father and uncle, solidifying its reputation as a leader in crafting vibrant commercial and residential projects.

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